Cellular MatriCellular Matrix Study (Established 1999)

In 1999 Mr. Patrick McGean’s son was diagnosed with germ cell testicular cancer. He had multiple surgeries, Cisplatin Chemotherapy, and finally an Autologus Stem Cell Transplant. Following the transplant his oncologists declared that the treatment was unsuccessful and that he had a 3% chance of survival for the next few years. The Live Blood Study was begun with this information and the introduction to sulfur was by accident. With an intimate knowledge of blood and the cardiovascular system from the 70s it made sense to establish a way to monitor the blood photographically in
hopes of being able to visualize changes which could be used to monitor the health of the participants. The blood vessels of the conjunctiva and the blood cells contained within became the model and various form of microscopes were utilized to view the vessels and the blood.

Following a great deal of on line research into sulfur and the cardiovascular system he realized that the cell matrix visible in the face could be a more valuable way to establish cellular regeneration from those too far away to be subjected to having a microscope stuck into their eyes.

Retinal photography is photography of the vessels of the retina along with dye studies of the profusion of these vessels. This study was remarkable when one considers that the retina is part of the whole human body, not just a part of the eye.

All animals have but one cardiovascular system, one blood vessel which starts and ends at the heart which pumps the river of life.

The Live Blood and Cellular Matrix Study

The reports from our Study members are anecdotal which is not an acceptable form of information for the scientific community, while the photos support cellular regeneration for the information is substantiated.

The study has grown not only in numbers in the US but also world wide with this change in modality. The human body is reported to regenerate all of its cells every 7 years, and he hoped to visualize this regeneration with digital photos that can be “magnified” to demonstrate the cells and the matrix in which they work. The human face may be a more demonstrable area for the body than foot reflexology or even iridology being that all of the cervical nerves are active and both cranial and general vascular activity can be visualized.

Many of the clinicians with whom he collaborate are adopting digital face photography as an adjunct to their written histories.

Cellular Matrix Study Facts

  • 70,000 study members in 18 countries.
  • Linus Pauling said all of our modern diseases are a result of a mineral deficiency.
  • Sulfur is that mineral, organic sulfur can repair the deficiency while we repair the soil in which we grow our food.
  • 95 including the director’s son are not dead nor are their cancers alive, so it appears.
  • It is an observational study, and follow our study members with photographs and voice observation, listening.
  • 97% of the study members say they just feel better. No one complains about their health any more nor do they take any of the advertised drugs made by Pharma.
  • Drugs to address the sulfur deficiency, which only address the symptoms not the deficiency.
  • Are our soils deficient? Yes. In sulfur? Absolutely!
  • Until we learn sustainable agriculture our cycles of life are in danger, Organic Sulfur will allow us to regenerate our cells.