Frequently Asked Questions

What is Organic Sulfur

Organic Sulfur is a common name for Methylsulfonylmethane or MSM.

Is MSM found in the natural world?

Yes, organic sulfur (MSM) naturally occurs in many foods, but in very small amounts, making nearly impossible to consume enough to adequately supply our bodies.

Why don’t I get enough MSM in my normal diet?

Naturally occuring MSM is found in such trace amounts that food alone cannot supply the body with the amount it needs. Furthermore, MSM is passed every 12 hours so a daily supplement is required in order to gain maximum benefit.

What are the benefits of MSM?

There are numerous benefits to MSM Sulfur. Consult your doctor if you are interested in learning more. 

How do I take Sulfur Health?

It is best to take MSM by dissolving it in water and drinking. MSM often has a bitter taste so drinking quickly or adding some juice, tea, coffee, or a large glass of water can help.

How often should I take Sulfur Health?

Daily! Sulfur is passed through the body quickly so resupplying daily is paramount in maximizing results.

How does Sulfur Health work?

MSM’s mechanism of action isn’t fully understood. In a very general sense, MSM reduces inflammatory markers and oxidative stress. It does this through various biochemical processes and pathways, but most are either oxidative or inflammatory in nature.

Does MSM have any negative reactions with prescription medications?

While there are no published negative reactions, it is always a good idea to have a discussion with your primary healthcare provider before starting any new supplement.

Who is Patrick McGean and what is the Cellular Matrix Study?

Patrick McGean is the creator and director of the Cellular Matrix Study.  After experiencing the effects of taking organic sulfur he set out to enlighten the rest of the world about the health benefits of MSM when taken as a daily supplement. He started the Cellular Matrix Study to allow people all over the world to document the cellular regeneration healing that MSM provides. Click here to learn more about Patrick McGean.

What is the Cellular Matrix Study?

The main hypothesis of the Cellular Matrix Study is that all mankind may be sulfur deficient. The study hopes to prove that by adding sulfur back into our daily diet we can allow healthy cellular regeneration to occur through the enabling of oxygen by sulfur. People with various ailments from all walks of life from all over the globe have joined to help document the effects of reintroducing MSM into their sulfur deprived bodies. Click here to learn more about the study.